For individualized strength training sessions, I create a custom combination of strength exercises based on your experience level, body type, and goals. I emphasize safety and proper form to help you avoid injury and achieve the most effective workout possible.

I believe in balance. The workouts I design target every muscle group, from head to toe, so you can achieve optimal overall strength.

If you are recovering from an injury or are getting back to health post-surgery, I work within your current limitations to help you keep training so you won’t lose ground.

My goals as your trainer are to help you:

● Gain and maintain muscle.

● Improve core strength.

● Develop overall body strength.

● Increase lean body mass.

● Lose fat.

Every person’s regimen is different, but for all people I design full-body workouts that incorporate some or all of the following:

● Free weights.

● Band exercises.

● Body weight exercises.

● Floor work.

● Floor work.

● Ball exercises.

● Universal machines.

I’d love help you become strong and fit.